6 Benefits of Working With An On-Demand Apparel Microfactory

6 Benefits of Working With An On-Demand Apparel Microfactory

Have you ever wondered how some of your favorite brands create custom garments? The answer is simple: on-demand apparel microfactories. In short, a microfactory is a facility that produces a small amount of a specific type of product. They’re a one-stop-shop for garment businesses looking to manufacture specific products.

Unlike large factories, microfactories follow a unique product creation process using on-site tools and equipment. Often, these facilities have everything they need on-demand – from dyes to heat transfer machines. This comes with an onslaught of benefits, from customizable products to environmental sustainability. 

This article will outline some of the key advantages of working with an on-demand apparel microfactory, including:

  1. Customizable products
  2. Consistent quality 
  3. Printing on-demand
  4. Quick turnarounds 
  5. Increased agility 
  6. Eco-friendly processes 

1. Customizable Products

Perhaps the most exciting benefit of working with an on-demand microfactory is the ability to create customizable products. In addition, a microfactory can work with you, producing garments that reflect you or your brand’s style and desires. So, if you’ve been dying to bring the perfect garment to life, a microfactory can make it happen.

2. Consistent Quality

Ditch the uncertainty. When you work with a microfactory, you’ll always know exactly where your product is coming from. 

Color accuracy, vibrant logos and proper sizing are all things you can count on when working with a microfactory. Plus, it’s common for team members to oversee every part of the production process, so mishaps are infrequent. 

3. Printing On-Demand

Garments printed on-demand are made to order, ensuring a high-quality turnout and eliminating wasted stock. Patterns are made and scaled correctly, then printed on paper with digital machines. This isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill printing job – it’s made exactly how you want it, with no questions asked. 

4. Quick Turnarounds

Ordering customized products means waiting weeks or months for them to arrive at your doorstep, right? Think again. The microfactory production process is quick and straightforward because all the necessary tools and equipment are on hand, readily available. 

In addition, fast production methods enable speedier go-to-market strategies, so you’ll never be left waiting long between your order creation and the product delivery.

5. Increased Agility

There’s nothing quite as disappointing as realizing the garment you want is unavailable in a specific size and might take another several weeks to produce. Microfactories eliminate this waiting period by reacting quickly to restock out-of-stock products. On the other hand, microfactories avoid unnecessary overstock because they are producing exactly what their clients need. 

6. Eco-Friendly Processes 

Typically, products that are low-cost and quick to arrive are unsustainable. However, microfactories meet these requirements while maintaining environmental integrity. 

For example, strategic pattern placements make the most of fabrics, eliminating waste. Also, many microfactories use waterless printing processes such as dye sublimation, which involve the use safer chemicals versus mass-production facilities. 

Unfortunately, the dyes, toxins, and energy traditionally used in the textile industry significantly contribute to pollution. In fact, dyeing is the most polluting and energy-intensive process in clothing production. However, dye sublimation printing technology contributes to carbon footprint reduction, a notable eco-friendly benefit of microfactories. 

Lastly, microfactories are far less likely to require transit between different steps of the apparel-making process. Since everything is done in-house, materials or components don’t need to be shipped or transported around the globe, thereby reducing emissions and pollution.

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